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Nov 10, 2012 7:00am PST
the damage it'll do to the economy let's start to actually solve the problem. let's focus on tax reform that closes special interest loopholes and lower tax rates. >> house speaker gave the republican address this morning. he said shoring up titlements and reforming the tax code will lead to a stronger economy. both sides agree another recession will hit if the nation falls over the so-called fiscal cliff which is a combination of automatic spending cuts and tax rate increases set to start at the beginning of next year. >> thousands of customers are still without power nearly two weeks after super storm sandy and now their utility may raise their rates. the ceo of coned has said he is very sorry that some have gone 12 days without power but his company plans to hike utility rates for gas, steam and power any way. many are questioning the timing of such an increase. >> seems crazy. i know they are dealing an old system but i mean -- shouldn't they have thought about this like down the road a little bit. ? >> it's outrageous considering what people have gone through. >> the commissio
Nov 9, 2012 7:00am PST
say the fiscal cliff and tax increases would push the economy into another recession and cause a jump in unemployment. on the campaign trail, the president made clear, he wants a deal with congress that includes tax reforms and new incentives for businesses that keep jobs in the united states. but he also wants tax increases on wealthier americans and republicans are consistently saying that's something something they are not going to -- that's something they are not going to consider. reporting live from alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> ktvu will bring you the president's speech this morning live right here on channel 2. again it's scheduled to begin at 10:05 this morning. we'll also live stream the president's speech on our channel 2 website, cute -- >>> back here at home, a penalty phase for the man convicted of killing two people at the toll plaza. prosecutors want the death penalty for nathan burris. they say back in 2008, they sent a letter to his girlfriend warning he may be a threat to her. those fears came through on august 11th, 2009. that's when authorities
Nov 15, 2012 7:00am PST
economy, budget cut-backs, and new tax revenues from the passage of prop 30 all credited for california's improving financial situation. >>> also, the democrats super majority in the state senate and the assembly, well, it's now official. after two races, democrats now have a so-called super majority in both the state senate and the state assembly. that means democrats have a two-thirds majority, allowing them to -- the last time democrats had a super majority was 1883. >>> it is 7:21. rain, believe it or not heading our way. steve is watching the storm tracker. that's a beautiful sun right. he'll tell us when and where the clouds will soon be rolling in. >> a well-known zeppelin gets grounded. why this air ship, it just won't fly! >> northbound 280 traffic slow, but we have some big-time problems in the east bay when it comes to one of the major freeways. we'll update that and the rest of the commute coming up. .Ñ >>> the zeppelin is going to stay on the ground, it has fallen victim to a shortage of helium, and they need a long-term sponsor to stay up in the air. eureka is known fores
Nov 8, 2012 7:00am PST
on the economy. >> reporter: good morning. 130 stores. a lot of people looking for bargains. you have a big boost to the community. i want you to take a look down here. you can see a lot of folks down there, just starting to show up. they are getting the stores ready. these are all folks who want to make sure that everyone is exactly right when people show up. we pan around. you can see more of this area. just to give you an idea of the setup. one long corridor here and another one on the other side. some of the stores are not quite ready to go. most of them seemed to be ready to go. so you are likely to have plenty to choose from. i want to give you some we saw. a lot of sales. these are all outlets. there's a lot of last-minute preparations. i talked to a couple of people involved in the building crew. a lot of people have been working 18-hour days. the first outlet mall to open in the bay area in more than a decade and it opens at 10:00 a.m. here's a few numbers about the mall. the mall is a 543,000-square foot building. it cost $150 million to build. there are 130 outlet stores. it's expected
Nov 12, 2012 7:00am PST
a clean energy economy. >>> the chp wants to know if you are too sleep foy drive. better keep our eyes open. because the chp is launching a week-long crackdown on croucy driving. the chp says drowsy driving is about as dangerous as driving drunk. >>> coming up on 7:24. hoping everyone is wide awake behind the wheel. how are things going in downtown san jose? >> okay. we've been looking at one of the slowest commutes on a regular monday. i want to show you 280, northbound right to downtown on the right. you can see traffic is just fine. just a lot of schools today are observing veterans day, even though veterans day was yesterday. but right now, it's having an effect on the commute. looking at the east bay, southbound 880, southbound 8 0 they are clearing a crash -- 880 they are clearing a crash. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. >>> a lot of 30s. let's get used to that. the afternoon highs will come up a little bit. at least through wednesday or thursday and then we'll see have to if we get clouds in here. really not going to do much, cold mornings. high clouds. but all in all a gr
Nov 14, 2012 7:00am PST
. and cisco is being offset suggesting money consumers still cautious about the economy as we head into the all- important holiday season. the dow currently down 54. the nasdaq is down 3. s&p down 4. well, facebook's stock could be very active today. about $800 miami shares in the social network can be traded starting today. the stocks currently owned by early investors but they were locked up. the stock now selling for $21.62. it's actually up about 9% this evening. >>> facebook is not liking the false profile shows up -- showing up on its site. the new york times shows the fakery is threatening the basically premise of the world's largest network. the times says facebook is planning a new automated system that will dump fake likes. >>> nancy pelosi announced, she wants to continue as a highs house -- as a house minority. why she wants to stay. alley none. >> reporter: well, pelosi says politics at this level is insatiable and she has much another she wants to accomplish. now, she was joined by female house members. she said she had a lot of encouragement in congress and from the
Nov 13, 2012 7:00am PST
on wall street. one issue weighing on the markets. a deal to rescue the greek economy looks less certain than it did one day okay. the dow is currently up 18, 12,83. the nasdaq is down 11. s&p is up 1. microsoft, it's down over 3%. the reason, the executive who had been expected to be the next ceo is now leaving the world's largest softwaremaker. he had been the head of the windows unit and is leaving two weeks after the launch of windows 8 which is seen as critical to the tech giant's future. the ceo had been with microsoft for 23 years and his departure was unexpected. neither he nor microsoft gave an explanation. >>> from a pioneer to a murder. pam cook is in the -- is in the newsroom with more. >> mcafee is being called -- leader is being called a person of interest in a murder. last week, a man filed a complaint claiming that mcafee fired off guns displaying roguish behavior. the mercury news reports the home in belize was raided earlier this year. they reportedly found the 67- year-old with the 17-year-old girlfriend and confiscated ten firearms. now, coming up next in our next hou
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7